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Bulk Powder Laundry Detergent | Export Details in Iran

Bulk Powder Laundry Detergent is one of the earliest types of household detergents for clothing used for manual and machine washing and has been used more widely in the past. A trading company in Iran has been producing and distributing high quality bulk powder and competitive price,this bulk powder is exportable to neighboring countries. Bulk export powder comes in different brands in different packages and is produced with reasonable price and high quality and is exported to Iraq, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

Bulk Powder Laundry Detergent| Export Details in Iran

Is powder detergent cheaper than liquid?

Is powder detergent cheaper than liquid?Due to advances in washing machines, brands of laundry detergents have also tried to advance the technology of washing machines and bring the best laundry detergents to market. When the laundry detergents first came on the market, these detergents were powdered, and this process continued for years until in recent years, the presence of laundry detergents was on the market. Since we have been using detergent powders for a long time, it is difficult for people to accept a little bit of laundry so first we tried to explain the difference between washing liquid and powder to buy at the time of purchase. Among the detergents, you can better select:

Washing liquid is a mild detergent. So when your clothes are very dirty, we recommend using a washing powder because the washing powder has more cleaning power than the washing liquid but if the clothes are not too dirty or not too smelly. , Use the washing liquid for washing.

Since the washing power of laundry powders is very high, so if your clothing texture is delicate and sensitive, it is better not to use the powder for washing because the same high cleaning power over time will damage the texture of sensitive clothing. hits. Under these conditions, it is best to use a washing liquid.

  1. The body of children is very sensitive, so care should be taken when washing. Therefore, due to the high power of washing powders in washing clothes, we recommend using washing liquid to wash children’s clothes as this is a mild detergent and does not harm the skin of the baby after the wash.
  2. When using a washing liquid, you do not have the problem of dissolving the detergent during the wash. Because some washing powders do not dissolve well in water when used in a washing machine, and after washing, you will see white powder as a round on the clothes, which is due to the lack of proper dissolution. And the perfect powder detergent.
  3. Washing fluid is made for different types of clothes and we see black, white and colored laundry in the market if this is not the case for washing powders.

Most manufacturers produce both liquid and powder products for a variety of customers. Liquid detergents and powders have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of powder detergents are as follows:

Advantages :

• Powders are generally cheaper.

• Their packaging is cardboard and more environmentally friendly.

• Powders are more durable than liquids, allowing you to store and buy in bulk, saving you money.

• Powder ingredients such as bleach and attractant are more stable.


• Powder does not dissolve easily in water and causes white stains on clothing, unless you use warm water which requires more energy and cost if using hot water.

• Sodium sulfate inside the powder will damage sewage systems in the long run.

• Powder is higher than liquids containing chemicals (fillers inside it).

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of a liquid detergent are as follows:

Advantages :

• Liquids are better dissolved in water than powder.

• Liquid detergent is effective for greasy food stains and since it is liquid, it can double the stains on clothing.

• Liquid detergent in plastic bottles has a special cap that is designed and packaged as a measuring cup, which can help prevent excessive use of liquids because it will cause dirty and dirty washing machines. Suitable for mold and fungus growth.

Disadvantages :

• Liquids are usually more expensive than powder detergents.

• Their packaging is less environmentally friendly plastic.

• Due to its high weight, it is difficult to transport.

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Top 10 Best Smelling Laundry Detergents of 2019

Top 10 Best Smelling Laundry Detergents of 2019Washing powder may not be a favorite thing to read, but if you are sexually sensitive or want to wash your clothes to get the attention of others with clean clothes! So you have to pay attention to your washing powder, so you should carefully choose your washing powder. And take more time when choosing a product to find out what quality each powder is and what is the best option for you.

Laundry powder

One of the earliest types of household laundry detergents can be said to be hand washing and has been used in the past.

Laundry soap

It is a powerful detergent used to wash delicate and delicate clothes. These products are a good choice because of the powerful yet natural cleansing ingredients for baby clothes, underwear and sensitive tissues.

laundry detergent

This type of detergent can be considered as the most widely used and one of the most common types. Due to the higher cleaning power of powders than detergents, they are the most suitable option for washing clothes with more odor and stains.

Washing liquid

It is one of the products that has been widely used in the last few years, especially because of its pleasant aroma. Use this mild detergent to wash clothes that are not too dirty or have a delicate texture, especially children’s clothing. One of the advantages of washing liquid is its versatility in supplying liquid for clothes of different colors. Including whitening, dyeing and dyeing (eh liquid dyeing) which take care of the fabric and do not interfere with its colors.

Towel and clothing softener

Highly popular among families, these ingredients are recommended along with a variety of detergents, especially for towels and sheets.

Clothes softener fluid In addition to eliminating static electricity and softening the fabric, it creates the perfect scent for towels and clothes.

Spotting on clothes

You might also have a spot on one of your favorite dresses. The solution is to use a variety of stain remover products that will allow for the removal and removal of stains that are not cleaned by regular washing.

Our ratings are based on real-life experiences of consumers who have purchased and used the product, and we review it in 2019 year . Shopping from large stores that are full of different brands will be difficult, so we hope that you find us helpful and that you have less time to search. So you can choose the best and cheapest detergent.

What is the strongest fabric softener?

What is the strongest fabric softener?The strongest fabric softener :

Washing clothes in the washing machine has its own rules and regulations, and the proper use of different detergents helps us achieve the best possible results in washing clothes. One of the most popular and practical detergents that we are all familiar with and used in our daily lives are softener types.

Softener Liquid 

Using a softener every time you wash your clothes can be an option. Because you can also be effective at eliminating odors and softening clothes at a reasonable price and electrifying clothes. Although you may be opposed to stubbornness, the test of softening your mind about how to use it. The softener will reduce the amount of electricity in clothing. Softeners also have amazing properties such as water hardening to make your clothes less prone to wash.

best powder laundry detergent:

Powder suitable for all automatic washing machines is different from twin washing machines. Twin washing powders work more efficiently in an environment with plenty of water; this type of powder usually produces a lot of foam that can damage the full automatic washing machine.

Cotton fabrics, towels and underwear can be washed with a regular detergent; these fabrics do not do much harm with these ordinary detergents. Some clothes that have finer fabrics, such as silk, wool or mesh, may be better washed with detergent. If washed with a good detergent, these fabrics will be quickly damaged and may discolor or resize. When washing clothes with delicate fabrics it is advisable to use mild detergents, so wear Protect yourself and wash it clean.

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